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After cross-training 6 days per week for the last seven years, I had been searching for a workout that would bring all the pieces together and fill in the gaps that I knew were missing from my training regimen. I found it with ABX! My core is stronger while, my hips, pelvis and lower back all have more strength and flexibility. This is functional, dynamic fitness training with soul. This workout has elements of all the workouts I enjoy: cardiovascular, yoga, pilates, dynamic tension and strength/resistance training. I feel great! Best of all it’s fun and done with music I love. Thanks ABX! — JM in Phoenix

As a Physical Therapist I have tried many different fitness programs. Recently, I made the decision to try ABX for the first time; it was a fun & new exercise! It really helped me stretch out & got me sweating unlike some other types of movement. Erin is a fantastic instructor & I recommend her ABX class for anyone interested in a revolutionary new workout! — MH in Scottsdale

I loved the ABX workout! The elements of breathing, stretching, contractions & extensions, provide the perfect cardio/rythym routine. As I have learned to go at my own pace, or to pick it up, this Air Bar eXercise experience is definitely a thumbs up. Erin is a wonderful instructor/mentor as she guides everyone to live, feel good & love. — Shelle in North Scottsdale

ABX has changed & challenged me into my ultimate self. I have healed my emotional fears naturally & now feel powerfully in control of feelings. I no longer fear anything. I have found a useful way to experience my bodyweight to help me burn fat fast. My workouts are now easy & pleasurable. I promise you will love the results these scientifically proven workout secrets give you. It truly is my miracle!!! — Hope in Phoenix

I think that this ABX program is excellent for people of all ages if you need or want to lose weight, build muscles, reduce stress, ease into relaxation quickly, & feel full of peace. Having enjoyed over 70+ years on Gods green earth I appreciate the fact that you can start this at any time in your day, feel better fast, then go on about your day until later when you need a boost of energy. Having osteo-arthritis I can only do pieces at a time but just a few minutes really alleviated my pain. I felt endorphins flowing. Thanks ABX.”— Virginia Herrera, Pharmacist

This workout stimulated my circulation & oxygen intake allowing healing around my injury. I felt it protected my torn muscles by building up the muscle tissues surrounding it effectively without too much tension on the hurt area. The pain magically disappeared after just a few minutes. ABX is a nice way to keep the “machine” oiled!— John Herrera Sr.

Your new program looks wonderful!— Lena Jo Marin

It’s a FUN fresh workout! I like the intensity of the moves & the exciting music played with it. I like how you have to use your brain power to focus on the muscles your engaging during the convenient service session. I also like how it’s playful, spiritual & that they weave meditation, intention & positivity to help you enjoy the complete experience of the class. The best of all the workout trainings that I love! Thank you!— Lisa Willis

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