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Calm Quieting Stillness for Successful Holiday Adventures with Loved Ones

Hello ABXers! You know who you are . . .Always Being eXceptionalists. Yes!! That’s YOU! So proud of you for sticking with your workout & nutritional plans keeping you on track for fitness, overall health & longevit. Did you know that stress is the main culprit of holding onto fat? Below I give you 3 tips for staying in your heart-space… that place that is accessible to you in your body no matter where you are in the world & with whom you are with.

1. Master your emotions. Don’t let anyone knock you out of that fantastic feeling of being at peace with yourself. Even friends & family may become jealous of your serene & peaceful demeanor & try to irritate or upset you. Don’t let them. Remember YOU choose. Choose to rise above it all & continue to show that you are the model example which to strive for by NOT becoming upset.

2. Keep in mind we are all experiencing our own individual personal journeys & realities & they ALL DIFFER! No 2 people will have dreamt as a child the ideal life which to live EXACTLY THE SAME as anothers. Stay true to you & your vision & ideal happenings & do your best to accept others’ as well. Our best teachers are the ones right in front of us, so continue to reflect on the lessons they may be helping you to realize so you may know better & not make similiar mistakes in the future.

3. Look for what you appreciate in your family & friends & give thanks for them exactly as they are. No matter how much growing in a particular area you may sense… nobody can change anybody. People have to want to change in order for it to happen.

Homework: Write 3 things you are unsatisfied about in your life & 3 steps in the right direction you plan on making. Check back a month later to make sure you are experiencing progress eliminating the uneccessary struggles & pain that come from remaining stuck vs. evolving.abx-timg-07-sag

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