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What are you now pushing away from & releasing? What are you inviting in?

Did you know in order to create active internal resistance within the body to build muscles & stimulate organ revitalization you must physically exert force as in the motion or movement of pushing away? This is great but what about for the mental & spiritual aspects of life & shedding what is no longer identifiable to your current existance & opening up to recieve what is rightfully yours in the process of creation & manifestation. How do you let go fully of who you were to become who you are now? What actions must be taken again & again to reinforce the positive energy on its way to you now & truly allow your palms to be open & ready to recieve it? I have found what helps me continue my journey or growth & transformation is believing all the experiences you’ve had & people you have met are meant to be no matter if they hurt you temporarily, crushed your spirit for a moment or were only meant to teach you something about yourself which needed changing. By consciously choosing to forgive them for their ignorances, attitudes of ungratitudes, or just letting them go with love you free yourself of attachment to the person or situation so you may rise above & walk your path more confidently knowing the next  group of people or persons who come into your life are meant to help you succeed in a new way now available. Do not make the mistake of holding on to that which no longer serves your highest intentions of beauty & peace. Calmly thank those & release them from your mind with kindness & appreciation. We can learn great lessons from hurt, pain & defeat especially when realizing this is just what is needed to improve mental & emotional strength & courage.  PUSHUP

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