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Erin began her fitness journey at the tender age of 4, becoming involved in a variety of styles of dance & movement: gymnastics, tumbling, tap, ballet, and jazz, while also learning baton to name just a few. Her blessed journey into yoga began at age 10 on accident. Her mother sent Erin to her room for being a little too sassy with her. (No need to worry 😉 her sassiness is still as fierce as ever). After many hours of not being still grounded to her room, Erin would still not come to the dinner table. Soon her mother realized what a gift she had given her by taking away the technological disruptions (a.k.a T.V. & computers). Erin was having such a great time by herself in her room doing her yoga poses she didn’t eat dinner that evening. The headstands, splits, forward and back bending seemed to have nourished her plenty, so no food was desired. She began learning more as the youngest student in a twice weekly yoga class. She was hooked and continued a regular yoga practice throughout her primary education & into college. Sincerely wanting to share this art & love of yoga she was accepted into a yoga teacher training program in 2005 led by world-renowned yoga teachers In the ashtanga lines of Pattabi Jois & Krishnamacharya.

ABX is a complete exercise regimen based on Active Internal Resistance principles, combined with yogic philosophy, cardiovascular, and a foundation of core strength.
Erin is forever grateful to these many teacher and mentors. Having an opportunity to practice and teach at SWIHA, Bodyworks, Inner Vision, At One yoga, Bikram of Tempe and Paradise Valley, Goodyear Yoga, Yoga of Gilbert, South Mountain Community Colleges, along with countless private yoga sessions through out Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Erin became a Certified Yoga teacher in 2005 and has taught a wide range of classes and students of various levels since then. She personally maintains a daily yoga practice. Over the last ten years Erin has studied and trained utilizing Pilates, kettle bells, running, resistance/weight training, barre,bootcamp style classes, cycling and spinning, and more. In 2005 Erin began to develop a unique fitness program which has evolved into what exists today as “ABX”. Erin incorporates essential oils, herbs and supplements into her healthy lifestyle. Erin’s other interests include preparing healthy food, music, singing, dancing, reading, and laughing. She enjoys traveling with her best friend, meeting new people and experiencing new adventures. She currently makes her home in Phoenix, AZ.

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