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Don’t you want access to unlimited fitness training, guaranteeing you proven results fast?

Wouldn’t you like to achieve those 8 pack abs you have been dreaming of?

Air Bar offers group and individual classes, one-on-one intensive personal training, retreats, high quality herbal supplements, nutritional advice, body work, life-path mentoring, as well as rest and recovery education.

Classes and sessions are optimized to meet the demands of hard core athletes, yet we provide a safe space for active people of all ability levels to achieve guaranteed results. Whether you are new to exercise and fitness, or a seasoned professional in your sport of choice, or even if you don’t really enjoy working out — you will find value in this fitness program. Runners, yogis, dancers, fighters, performance artists, contortionists, team sports players, bodybuilders, endurance athletes, breath-work masters, gym lovers, hikers, bikers, and triathletes out there will benefit from this program.

ABX offers a vast number of benefits including: an opportunity to play, meet new people, have fun sweating and training in a cutting edge way; and when it’s over it feels like any time has barely passed. ABX provides exceptional value by pairing quality instruction with compassionate patience. With an array of modifications for the movements as well as time commitment options, we offer flexibility to satisfy every preference. ABX is the authority on Active Internal Resistance (AIR)!

ABX has grown into a company that not only serves your fitness needs but helps you create what you want by weaving abundance principles into the themes of the classes.

ABX is offered in classes, “fun”-shops, DVD’s, and retreats offered internationally.

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Teacher Training

AirBareXercises INC. is now currently accepting applications from worldwide establishments of fitness & exercise desiring to become licensees of ABX having certain rights & interested in hosting all ages ABX Classes, Coaching Certification Programs, ABX INTERNATIONAL RETREATS as well as the opportunity & authority to retail ABX goods & services including coachings, Media Content, apparels, equipment & the like sharing the unique ABX brand at their fitness facility, studio,exercise center, gym, college or organization.

We are proud to be the first committed establishment to be ready willing & able to properly recruit , train, test , & send highly aware practitioners into the competitive fitness work force with the knowledge & experience they need to be successful. This is a great tool for all types of fitness trainers, leaders, instructors to be able to reach into their complementary toolbox & offer their students even more. Don’t you believe the more we know about energy the better? Adapting to each body in motion permitting natural movements is vital. Speed & intensity levels give protection to the body where needed. As trained professionals, Dr. James Moore & Erin Buchanan understand body composition & what is needed of the muscles to enjoy this workout safely. By paying close attention to your body & its messages you will become your own best ally in training. Using mantras to tap into power of universal energy it is not uncommon to get goose bumps a lot as your mind/body/soul fuses into one.

Support our efforts to revolutionize the world of fitness!