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  • Welcome! ABX is a family friendly revolutionary fitness program designed to help the most important part -- you!

  • ABX is a complete & holistic fat-burning & cardio workout available to anyone at anytime...and anywhere!

ABX is great for every BODY!

Naturally allowing the mind/body connection to flow and help you feel, look and be your best every day.

The perfect workout for men, women, adolescents, children, 50 and wiser, elite athletes, beginners, and everyone in-between.  -- Erin

What will it do?

You will be in harmony with how your body looks and functions, while increasing mental focus and emotional balance. Sound too good to be true? Just give it a try today and love your big beautiful life!

ABX gives you the tools to...

  • increase energy and power
  • boost motivation
  • feel stronger and lighter
  • find peace and acceptance
  • be free as AIR!

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Erin is a fantastic instructor & I recommend her ABX class for anyone interested in a revolutionary new workout! --MH, Scottsdale

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