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Do you truly accept yourself yet?

I ask this rhetorically as many struggle to be ok with who they really are & thats ok. What matters is we are learning more about who we are, why we do the things we do & what inspires us to chose what we do. Oftentimes we make decisions based on what feels good in the moment & not what is the best decision for the long term. We must suffer consequences of our actions positive or negative. Why must the outcome be judged. Can we not use free will to guide us in our day to day activities & feel beautiful & just from our choices? No one is judging us except for ourselves anyways so why be so harsh & critical of how we view ourselves & our lives. We were given minds of our own to use them to serve ourselves & others so lets harmoniously act in our own best interests & those of others by choosing to feel fine, good, better & even great. Our mightiest power lies in how we feel as we attract in this manner as well. Feeling wonderful, terrific & lovely can only inspire others to also drop the learned feelings of worry, guilt, shame & just feel good again. I for starters am no longer tempted to stay in a feeling state of anything other than positive no matter the situation. Perhaps for a moment we allow ourselves to feel our feelings & use them to boost ourselves up & out of lower vibrational resonances. Everything is temporary anyway so let the sensations teach you about how to respond to them as feelings can be a tool to help guide & direct you forward when you listen. Do you ever do something & immediately regret it or wish you decided otherwise? Don’t beat yourself up.. you are human & are here to learn & grow. At the same time remember how you felt & use that as a deterrent to make the same poor choices. This can be especially helpful when dealing with everyday simple options that can create higher energy or lower energy. Does it need to be judged though? NO!! It needs to be accepted as we all chose what we believe will make us feel better now regardless of if down the road it served a purpose. Lets use all situations to serve purposes as a way to accept what is vs. manipulate, control or deny. Don’t chose to feel bad for a choice .. be thankful you have the power to say yes, no or maybe & accept your decision as perfect for you now. We all change & grow differently at different speeds & in different directions so be gentle, patient & true to yourself as no one but you knows what you need to survive, thrive & come out the winner you were born to be! Listen to your needs & satisfy them in healthy ways honoring yourself & your life as a gift.

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