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What sets your soul on FIRE?

Have you ever found yourself noticing you really hate certain things & really love others?

What do you do when confronted with a challenge that makes you cringe & shrink into darkness?

Can you imagine learning to love the bumps & hard parts of life knowing on the other side of this mess mountain is a beautiful clear pond of perfection?

What if we no longer judged the chore or task at hand as awful, boring & stressful & just approched it with mindfullness? Perhaps we are recieving a lesson we need to experience… One that will take us far beyond our imaginations & prepare us for the future if we only accept each moment of the uncomfortableness & open our eyes wider to what this is really teaching us. Maybe patience? Perseverence? Letting go? I encourage you to stick with the feelings no matter what next time you are in a bind & as you emerge, remind yourself that you are great at wading through the muddy waters & you have nothing to fear next time things get sticky. Also feel blessed a situation comes up that needs your attention & calm. Figure a way to allow these bruises & rough times to transform your soul into a diamond making you a little tougher from the inside out always staying true to who you are & your voice. If you can’t stand up for yourself, no one else will… once you are confident in how you live & grow … the world pushes up to meet you. EMBRACE THE CHANGING, THE SHAKING, THE BECOMING MORE THAN YOU’VE EVER BEEN.2014-07-14 16.42.35


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