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How Feelings Can Cripple Your Life & What to do to change them…

Have you ever felt just plain desparate in trying to get your to do list complete, your shopping list finalized, those BIG projects off your plate once & for all?

Rest assured… you are not the only one.

Many people struggle with becoming easily overwhelmed by all the tasks that need to be done.

There is hope in your despair & it is actually a lot more simpler to manage than other ways you may have tried… such as delegating tasks, hiring personal assistants, letting things slide… Whatever the case may be… HERE is your solution.

Become present in this very moment & forget all that needs to be done. Take inventory of how your body feels & take 3 giant breaths in & as you release… allow yourself to become lighter, free-er, & more centered in your very own being-ness. As you notice your shoulder hurts or hip is tight or head is pounding… imagine your breath as a laser beam of healing energy & send it directly into the areas of tension & tightness. Ask yourself…. Who am I? What can I let go of that is no longer serving me in my staying calm & peaceful as I live my daily life with the multitudes of responsibilities I may have? Perhaps this comes in the form of forgiving that so-called cruel “friend” who took advantage of you years ago when they knew better to treat you with such disrespect & without getting your permission first finally. By forgiving others… you release yourself to freedom & allow the karmas & universal laws to take care of how others may have mistreated you naturally without you having to do a darn thing. There is no peace in revenge or thinking evil thoughts… in fact, it will only chase you like a shadow bringing YOU ill will not them. One the lighter , brighter side of the spectrum, all beautiful & pure thoughts you may have towards yourself & others will surround YOU with positivity, love & abundance.

A secret of mine is to always to paying attention to how you feel because when you feel desparate.. you actually cut yourself off from the flowing energy the universe has just in store for you. No one else can recieve it… but the universe mirrors you always & so your best bet is to be wide open to accepting & recieving all the surprises & goodness meant especially for you…. NOT resist it by feeling sad, gloomy, depressed, low or unworthy. Snap your fingers & snap your mood into one of expecting miracles, counting on wonderful things to manifest in your life as you put your right foot forward everyday in doing your very best to leave this world a little bit more beautiful than you found it. FEEL the tingles, chills, goosebumps & give thanks for this affirmations that your spirit is alive & well & your connection to the infinite source is secure.

Homework: For 1 week…. each morning you rise… think to yourself …. OMG I wonder what great things will happen to me today, what excellent people I will meet on my journey… what great news I will hear & what amazing beauty I will see… THEN with all your heart & soul … genuinely ask the universe how you may be of the greatest service & listen closely to the answers it gives… THIS is what is worthy of your time & energy above all.

Feel free now…. & keep coming back to this feeling of limitlessness & vastness of being & I promise each moment of all your days will become better & better & you did it all yourself. Congrats & keep up the light work my loves.


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