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Fabulous Fitness for When the Weather Warms up FAST!

Have you found as the heat approaches you become fatigued faster?

It is no joke. . . The sun can heal, true. . . However strong medicine needs to be cautioned for overuse or abuse. Tips for Summer Slimdown:

1. Wake as early as possible for some High Intensity Interval Training. We have found even 8 minutes to be extremely effective for stimulating the metabolic switch & reminding the endocrine system of it’s vital functioning needed for ultimate health.

2. Drink 32 oz. of room temperature water as soon as you awaken early with lemon & mint included. This wakes up the body & progresses digestive qualities & functioning.

3. Give thanks for all you now have by thanking yourself, others & your higher power or source of supply. Some may call this God or Universe or Spirit. Some call it Tao. What matters is you pray & give thanks often & FEEL blessed to be alive on Earth at this time in history.

4. After your morning WAKE UP WORKOUT, enjoy some fresh pressed or squeezed vegetable juice. It nourishes the blood & really helps to move the fat you just broke down with your HIIT.

5. Get 15 to 30 minutes of sun per side daily. You are welcome to use natural sunscreen or nothing at all.

6. Carry 2 32 oz. water bottles at all times with fresh pure spring water to hydrate you through out your day.

7. Pay attention to the time of your last meal. The body can only digest so much & so fast so give it many hours in between “jobs” or meals so it may repair itself also. Many have found great results when stopping eating at 7 pm & NOT having 1st meal until noon. You can do it as you still get to enjoy your lemon-mint water & your veggie juice too. My favorite combo is apple, ginger, tumeric, carrot, beet, celery, spinach. What is yours?

8. Get errands done early as the ashphalt is at it’s hottest after 2 or 3 pm.

9. Stay cool-headed by acknowledging all your hard early morning work. Your afternoon workout will be best enjoyed indoors. Might we suggest this?

10. Cooling foods such as hibiscus tea, cucumber & celery help to keep body temperature regulated. Eat super clean in the summer & get your energy from taking it a little easy & resting & recovering from the burning hot sun high above.

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