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Lifestyle Super Hacks to Minding Your Own Business . . .& Profits . . .

Welcome to another great day on Planet Earth! I am happy to get to be here & I know you are, too. Today, what I have prepared for you very intelligient & open-minded students & friends is my top 5 things to do to stay #1 & always at the top of your game for Infinite Blessings & Amazing Results. . . .

1) Take time each day to close your eyes & feel inside as if your dreams have already manifested & you were successful in creating the life you imagined. Yell, kick, scream, feel so happy your ship has arrived. Keep those positive happy feelings with you as the journey of your day unfolds.

2) Follow your heart & intuition when engaging in marketing & advertising strategies & new product launches or whatever your business may be. You want to get noticed & stand out from the competition so BE DIFFERENT. It’s so easy to be vanilla. . . .but it takes rock-star guts to be boysenberry sprinkle ribbons throughout a rainbow sorbet. It’s not easy but in the end YOU will win by standing outside the group vs. in it.

3) Honor your emotions & sensations. You too fellas! These sensations appear in our bodies as a clue to tell you something. . . LISTEN. Act accordingly based on what is best not only for you & those around you but for the peace & happiness of all inhabitants on planet earth. Don’t be greedy & shallow. Be beautiful, rise above & have compassion for those less fortunate.

4)When someone tries to knock you down. . . let ’em. In actuality they are really only hating on themselves & showing you their true colors simultaneously. Thank the heavens above for getting to their core quicker & dismissing them as people you would never give another moment of attention to. They do not deserve it. On that same token have deep gratitude for the people in your life that support you & wish you a long life, abundance & peace. By forgiving faster the ignorant or plain mean ones YOU grow more in line with your truth & get back up quicker all the wiser. A lovely thing indeed. Not to mention you begin to resonate with higher quality people.

5)Keep records of how you spend your time & money. Every penny & second count. Be aware of energy sucks or activities that produce next to nothing & be willing to say “I gave this a shot & maybe later I will give this more energy but for now I will focus on what is really putting food on the table vs. high hopes for a very large reward when your big break happens”.

Please leave your comments & questions as I really am interested to hear & see ( yeah, send me a video) how these practical applications have made you better.

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I highly recommend starting to implement these useful tools into your arsenal so you may always be reminded WE really care about you. . . . your health. . . .& your wealth.



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