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How Important is Meditation for Your Wellbeing & Happiness? Studies show. . .

A simple 10 minute break shortly after learning a new skill daily can make it a healthy habit that much more faster than just plowing through your workload going from one thing to the next with no break. This is a time where your brain needs a much needed rest & your imagination needs to run a little wild. Here is outlined how to step away & connect to yourself on a vital level so you are that much better when you dive in to your chosen task whether that be computer work, patient analysis, managing employees, training for a bodybuilding competition or whatever you are currently striving to become better at professionally, personally or universally.

1. Acknowledge you are worthy of 10 minutes to yourself. Say hello to that little voice inside that is NICE & GENTLE (femininity) to you & forgot that voice that says you need to work harder, do more, don’t stop producing(masculinity). This “guys” job is to take care of “her” however “he” can sometimes disempower “her” by taking too good of care of “her” or ignoring “her” needs as 1/2 of the equation to total balance. (A male/female balance lesson will be shared within the next month so if you are not getting this. . .relax. It will become much clearer for you very soon.)

2. Remove yourself from where you once were & go to a sacred quiet space where you can be alone for 10 minutes. Let anyone who MAY be tempted to bother you know that you are taking care of yourself right now & appreciate them letting you be & you will be that much more available to be of service or assistance to them after you have taken care of your own emotional, mental & vibrational health needs of connecting to something bigger than yourself. Set a timer for 10 minutes & begin.

3. Come to a seated position on the ground/floor with hands on knees & arms & back straight & SURRENDER bowing your head to your chest slightly. Let go of all thoughts, distractions, beliefs, to-do lists &  mental clutter & just breathe. Slowly inhale & slowly exhale while strongly gazing up at the space 1 inch between your eyebrows. It may be dark.This may burn. Allow it. This is burning off impurities, cravings, addictions, tendencies & stagnation. Keep breathing deeper & deeper as you allow yourself to be open to feeling contentment, abundance, beauty & stillness.

4. Get out your imaginary paintbrush & begin painting beautiful pictures of what you would like to create in your life. Maybe it is harmonious & helpful interactions with other people you may work with or perhaps loving exchanges of energy between you & your family in the form of hugs, smiles, high-fives, encouraging phrases or simple glances of understanding & compassion. Imagine this is how it will be & it will. . .I promise. It starts with you. You control your feelings & emotions & have the power to spread peace & joy enriching others lives & your own. Imagine winning that game or becoming your ultimate self physically. Start small & FEEL how delicious it is to see, hear, smell, touch & taste your vision of. Make it colorful & vivid using all senses available to you. What a gift in & of itself. Many around the world do not have access to all their senses. Another thing to be grateful for. . .

5. Once your masterpiece is complete with all details. . .take a a snapshot or screen shot of this amazing image. Come back to this throughout your day to kindly remind you of what is the FEELING you are desiring. This will recenter your chakras or energy centers throughout the body encouraging wholeness. Slowly allow your eyes to flutter wide pretending this is the first moment they have openned ever. Gently, with grace & gratitude lift yourself up & move on into your experience as a person on this planet with a renewed sense of hope for your life, dreams & existance.

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