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Eat Your Way To A Healthier Life eBook

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Eat Your Way To A Healthier Life eBook


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Product Description

Learn what the corporations don’t want you to know about diet and nutrition.

Factory made “food like substances” are the very things that, at best, are keeping you from optimal health, and, at worst, are making you sick, bloated, and tired. In fact, many of today’s most common chronic health conditions and diseases can be traced to this systemic nutritional dysphagia. Illnesses that used to be rare until the modern era, like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, osteoporosis, endemic obesity, and digestive disorders can be traced to modern corporate, factory, and government “food” processing and delivery systems. This denatured, dead, synthetic, and chemical based approach to eating is the reason why people feel disconnected from nature, lifeless, stiff, and unwell.

While not wrapping itself in a conspiracy theory blanket, this concise, accessible volume offers practical solutions that real people can implement today. It accepts where we find ourselves nutritionally right now and, instead of lamenting the unfortunate dietary reality we find ourselves in, shines a light on the way to sound nutrition for vibrant health.

Learn a straightforward easy to follow approach to eating right for life – the rest of your life. Dr. Moore succinctly explains the issues and their consequences, then offers a framework of solutions and follows those up with “*action steps!” – specific directives to the reader about how to participate in making the changes necessary for optimal health or correcting nutritionally based disease states.

Dr. Moore covers broad ranging nutritional topics such as the importance of exercise and the use of supplements, while providing practical healthy eating approaches and advice and sample daily menus. For example, there is a section with information on water, juicing, and beverages that includes a menu of 12 juice blends and smoothies, along with explanations of the properties, uses, and conditions helped by 29 common vegetables.

Dr. Moore teaches about fasting and detoxification with instructions on how to actually complete a fast. He covers macro nutrition basics including information on fat, protein, carbohydrates, and fiber and over 40 healthy recipes.

A diet & fitness journal is also included along with a section on digestive health issues and nutritional supplements that may be helpful. Dr. Moore also talks about inflammation and how to help reduce it, and the best natural ways to help Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Finally, he introduces 23 helpful herbs and important information about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’S).


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