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Doctor’s Choice Stop Menopause Herbal Extract Powder


Doctor’s Choice Stop Menopause Herbal Extract Powder


Product Description

About the product
  • Created By Dr. James Moore, a Doctor Of Oriental Medicine with over 20 years experience in helping women look and feel younger, stronger and more energetic. This formula Reduces Many of the Symptoms of menopause.
  • A unique, proven concentrated herbal extract blend from Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine it is estrogen Free, Soy Free and has been safely used by women for thousands of years!
  • Have any questions? Just call or email Dr. Moore and his staff at his clinic, included free with your purchase of this product. We are here to support you in feeling your best again! INGREDIENTS: Proprietary Blend of: Rehmannia, Dioscoria, Poria, Cornus Berry, Moutan Peony, Alisma, Philodendron, Anemarrhena, Epimedium, Fructus Tritici levis, Ligustrum, Eclipta, Schisandra, Bupleurum, Red Date, Glycyrrhizae
  • FREE Bonus with purchase we will Email you custom instructions on what diet and lifestyle changes you can make to help you feel your best and stop your menopause symptoms NOW! Clinically Tested and Proven Safe & Effective – Made in USA under strict current GMP testing, purity and potency standards. Just have a look at the photos to see our strict quality control standards. 1 Bottle contains 100 grams and will last about 3 weeks at a standard dose..
  • Drink as a delicious cup of tea or mix with your favorite juice; our patients favorite is to mix one teaspoon in “cran-apple” juice. Contains NO unnecessary Fillers or additives found in pills & capsules. 100% money back guarantee!

Product description

Guaranteed to decrease the intensity & frequency of menopausal night sweats & hot flashes after one week of daily use.

Within the first month of usage we guarantee noticeable improvements in many of your menopausal symptoms. Both peri-menopausal women and menopausal women will get fast results.

Dr. Moore understands you want a natural alternative. Stop the hot flashes, End the night sweats, naturally and Safely – Without Side Effects! “Doctor’s Choice Stop Menopause – Herbal Extract Powder” is for women who suffer from hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings & any menopausal or peri-menopausal symptoms.

Our highly concentrated herbal extract usually lasts about a month. Whether you are peri-menopausal with mild night sweats, or have been menopausal for some time, you will get relief with these herbs. Asian cultures have used this combination of herbs effectively as a natural cure for symptoms such as:

•hot flashes
•night sweats
•mood swings
•mental clarity
•fatigue & other signs of natural aging

This herbal combination also helps support your mood and memory. Menopause symptoms occur because the body’s thermostat needs re-adjusting. 3-6 months of use of our formula is commonly the time it takes the body to readjust and maintain this balance.

“Doctor’s Choice Stop Menopause – Herbal Extract Powder” can be used safely long term. Some women use a smaller dose after a few months to maintain their health.

As a special FREE Bonus Gift You will get a copy of Dr. Moore’s Nutrition Book Emailed to you as well. See the photo section above! Buy Now!


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