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Calming Aromatherapy For Dogs – Sniff Therapy


Calming Aromatherapy For Dogs – Sniff Therapy


Product Description

Calming Aromatherapy For Dogs – Sniff Therapy, Uses Only All Natural Essential Oils – Topical Use Gives Instant Relaxing & Anxiety Relief For Your Pup – You Don’t Have To Get Your Dog To Eat It! Strong To Your Dogs Nose, But Not To Yours! Buy Now!

  • Wonderful Light Scent, Works Immediately, Liquid Essential Oil Dog Calming Aid, Soothes Nervousness, Decreases Separation Anxiety, Relieves Stress, Reduces Fear of Thunderstorms Or Fireworks.
  • All Natural Formula, Provides over 60 Pre-measured Doses in a 30ml (1oz)bottle – Works Faster Than Chewable Treats, Tablets, Powders Or Any Internal Remedy. Made in the USA.
  • Active Ingredients: Essential Oil Of Lavender – This Calming & Relaxing Oil Can Mellow Out The Moods Of Even The Most Stressed Out Human! It Also Induces Peaceful Sleep. Chamomile is a proven stress reliever that promotes general relaxation. It works as a sleep aid & a muscle relaxant. Its sedative properties relieve restlessness. Animal studies show that chamomile contains substances that act on the same parts of the brain and nervous system as anti-anxiety drugs.
  • Clary Sage, Red Mandarin, and Sweet Marjoram All Soothe the nervous system, Relieve Anxiety, While Promoting A Calm Demeanor and Deep Sleep. Studies Show That this Combination of Essential Oils Improve Ability to Handle Stress.
  • FREE GIFT with purchase! You will get our e-Book, “Sniff Therapy Dog Lovers Handbook”, sent by email after purchase. It has information on understanding, training and even teaching your dog tricks! See the pictures to view its table of contents.


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