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Erin Buchanan’s Air Bar eXercises™ Yoga Towel Mat

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Erin Buchanan’s Air Bar eXercises™ Yoga Towel Mat


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Product Description

Designed by Yoga Teachers with 40 Years of Experience. This Towel is Built to Last You a Lifetime. Will Not Shrink, Can be Machine Washed Over and Over. If a Yoga Towel Does Not Have The Grip Dots On The Bottom Then It Is NOT Non-Slip! Your Friends Will Envy the Convenient Pocket on Your ABX Yoga Towel. Why? Because Anyone Who Links Their Movement to Their Yogic Breathing (Like Pranayama or Ujjai) Knows How Often a Tissue is Needed!

• EVERYONE who purchases our mat towel gets FREE Unlimited internet access to Three 60 Minute Yoga Classes: Level 1 “Yoga For Athletes”, Level 2 “Vinyasa flow with an introduction to arm balances”, and “Yin – Restorative”.

• This Towel Fits All Standard Size Mats and Provides A More Secure Grip for Hands and Feet Than Yogitoes for At Least $20 Less. However, This Mat Still is All About Quality, Which is Why The ABX Towel Costs a Little More Than The Towels Without Grip Dots or Lower Quality Towels.

• Comes with MESH CARRYING BAG – Included FREE With Your Purchase. Makes For Easy, Light Weight, Storage and Transport.

• Imagine practicing yoga; trusting your mat so completely that you move in ways you never dreamed possible. Your asana will blow your mind using this innovative new design developed by yogis, for yogis. With no towel, a wet mat, or a wrinkled bath towel you may be destined to accepting limitations on the depth & quality of your asana.

Are you interested in knowing the secrets of how deep you can take your asana practice? As you explore your edge you need to feel safe, secure, & strongly rooted to your mat, while supporting your strong, light frame. The ABX towel is your secret!

Wouldn’t you like to feel what it’s like when you are weightless? With beauty & grace, you go upside down into handstand, while having a stable connection to the earth & when you come down, your toes land softly & stick. The ABX Yoga Mat Towel is your ally on this journey.
How do you decide which towel to buy? Your ABX Non-Slip Yoga Towel will stop you from slipping & sliding. It’s simple…the towel sticks to your mat & you stick to the towel, but it does not stick to you. It also has a secret compartment for whatever you’d like to stash: some tissue or keys — concealed with our “Secret Stash” design. Oh yeah!

Made from a thin, super-absorbent microfiber blend it has a luxurious feel & sure grip 
- Bacteriostatic design eliminates odors 
- Makes a great gift for your favorite Yogi

With your ABX Yoga Mat Towel you will receive a free carry bag, and our MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, return it within 30 days for a no-questions asked, full refund.

So, you can’t wait to try your new handstand, right? Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button in the upper right corner of the screen before we’re out of stock!


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