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12 Week Transformation


12 Week Transformation


Product Description

The coaching program is a one year changing your mind intensive of allowing more permanent abundance in your life (what does that look like & feel like to you?)… no judgements (it’s a very personal journey as it’s YOUR life we are talking about… not mine. 1 on 1 program including complete private daily communications, weekly group Online Q & A Mastermind Meet-Up, Monthly Goal Settings & Follow-Up with me including but not limited to breathwork for Beauty, deepening faith of your purpose on earth, believing in the process, energy healings, financial analysis for freedom, nutrition & exercise, forgiveness & soul shining protocols, auric rebalancings, herbs: food & medicinal grade, karmic clearings & preparations, law of attraction: gross & minutia, acceptance, happiness no matter broke or trillionaire, Vastu.


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