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Fashion Forward Fitness & Fighting the Fat for Summer . . . . .

Are you familiar with yoga pants?

Did you know that just wearing them can give you magical powers?

Let’s do this together . . . Shall we?

First thing tomorrow morning, before doing anything else, put on your favorite leggings or workout wear & commit to shaking off the cobwebs from your deep slumber by jamming out to your top 3 songs of the moment. Taylor Swift, Iggy Azealia, Fallout Boys or whatever you currently fancy. Whatever tunes are on your playlist, Pandora’s Box, TV, radio or IPOD. . . just choose 3  & just start shaking a tail feather like you just scored a touchdown.

Are with with me gals & guys?

Act as if . . .

You have just received a highly coveted award for the work you do that has earned you esteemed recognition. . . .

You have just received your lifelong wish of meeting a famous celebrity & they are on their way to pick you up in a limo now. . .

Your son or daughter has just been given a full-ride scholarship to the school you BOTH thought was a great fit . . .

You have just received a huge check that you needed to be able to keep your business afloat & running & there is just enough for a small vacation giving you some time to recharge your batteries with your BFF

Just freak out !! Kick, scream ,yell, jump up & down , cry tears of joy since your ship has finally come in & have a jumping on the bed party.

Would you like to know why this is so important to do regularly?

Your subconscious mind hears yours excitement, relief & gratitude & senses the changes in your body that have occured from this little ” make believe” session & your real desires,wishes & dreams start showing up in your world faster & faster due to your own openness & expectation of all you have so kindly & clearly asked the universe to show you. Ask & you shall recieve . . . .  Feel it , act as IF it has already happened, pretend as if you already have everything you could ever want. With diligence, effort & consistancy this will become easier & feel more natural.

Ok . . .Got it?


Now . . . Don’t lose this key as it is a Golden One & can never be replaced.

Will you please, in the comments, share with the community what your experience was like & what things started happening for you? We are, after all, in this together & no one makes it out alive. So share this, care about something & begin to manifest a life you look forward to waking up & getting to live.abx-thumbnail-01


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