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What is the Freaking Reason Why We Rush These Days? Do We Truly Believe We Are Going To Get It All Done Today?

Seriously. Nowadays everybody drives 60 mph in a 40 zone. For what? To save like 3 seconds while haphazardly almost crashing your vehicle like three times, spilling your hot joe all over your fresh from the cleaners slacks, & not really enjoying your favorite song because you have things on your mind & people to pass?abx-thumbnail-03

Have you ever found yourself feeling like a fish out of water as you flip & flop your way up onto shore for the fear that you are missing out on something as fast as you can only to notice you missed the FUN along the way that was right under your nose? What you missed was this. . .the moment. Gone. Never going to get it back. Life is a series of moments to be cherished & treasured just as your life is a special occasion in & of itself. What good is it to rush around in hopes of one day being super rich if you didn’t enjoy the ride?

We all want to be rich. Start now. Why not? Feel rich & worthy with what you currently have. Ahhh. . . . I already feel much better. This is the only way you will ever get more. If you are not happy with what you have what security does some 1’s & 0’s in your bank account truly provide? Richness comes in many forms. Richness in love, relationships, success, of heart, of values, of your mission, health, friendships, business relationships, imagination. Feel rich in the areas that truly matter in your life & abundant & copious amounts of wealth(cash, money,opportunities,chances to grow,unexpected windfalls) will be showered upon you without a whole lot of thought. Wealth is created in the spirit world before it can ever be manifest in this earthly existence & experience. Feel the wealth you desire as if it were already here. Not in your mind or heart but deep within your spirit or soul. In the end. . it is not how much money you have made it is about the person you have become. Do you want to die knowing you manipulated, took advantage of others, scammed your way into large amounts of money(like criminals on American Greed) or do you want to die knowing you truly served your purpose here on Earth for the greater good, sustainability of the planet for future generations & served your fellow man with your gifts & graces? I will chose the higher path, getting to have lived a full life full of happiness, health & joy feeling fortunate I got to help others & proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone to focus on the bigger picture not my own selfish desires. I  am blessed to get to enjoy beautiful peaceful nights’ sleep. This has been made possible for me by changing my life in more ways than one. I am so grateful & thankful to those who have helped me to change my life & I would love the chance to get to change yours. It has been noted all people you meet help you to change your life or you to change theirs. I encourage you to keep your eyes & ears peeled for who may come into your life. No accidents, it is for a reason. Will your ego be too loud to get the message only they have for you at that moment in time?Or will you miss what you need to grow because you believe you know it all already? Or will you humble yourself knowing we are all in this together & no 1 person has all the answers & solutions, & you better listen up before they decide to NOT share with you.


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