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So Happy to be here right now with YOU!

Greetings & Blessings Wide Wonderful World Inhabitants ! What is currently going on in your life ? How are
you feelinchest-press-01? Pay close attention to how you feel right now & commit to feeling just
a little bit
beter. Reach for emotions of appreciation,relief, acceptance, belief,or contentment with who you are,what you have, & what you do.Only YOU can choose how
to feel so FEEL GOOD NOW. Today is the day I would like for you( the most important person in your life & world) to make the decision that you care so much more about your visions & dreams & goals & happiness than anything else (a.k.a others’ ideas,opinions,beliefs,etc.) ; that you allow everything else to simply fall away. Please trust that I know what I am talking about here.What we are now doing is creating a sacred space with in and around the physical body along with the other bodies(mental, emotional,spiritual,vibrational) in which the universe will fill with beautiful, unexpected & lavish gifts of abundance & wealth in all forms. By releasing the “old” you (limiting  thoughts & beliefs you once held,past mistakes,feelings of  regret or shame,stuff you did that you weren’t particularly proud of) you are telling the universe you are ready to move into becoming the person you always wanted to be. The universe abhors a vacuum & will always fill the now empty space with positivity once you “clean it out” of negativity by letting go & truly forgiving yourself & others for any & all wrongdoing either real or perceived. Everything in this life happens FOR  you. . . not to you. So stop being such a victim,coward or pussy  & start to embrace the crap you have gone through as it was just what you needed to grow at that moment in your life. If you can cherish the shit; you have succeeded in the eyes of the almighty. Maybe. . . just maybe. . . if you use your low points, rock bottoms,failures etc. as leverage to remember how strong you are to have made it through to the other side. . . then maybe . . .just maybe. . .  the universe will stop giving  you shit to go through & instead give you paths of joy & happiness & beauty to walk upon as you acknowledge to yourself & your higher power that you humbly accept the fact that you learned the lesson. Test passed. Grade A. Lesson learned. Now. . . if you forget the lesson be prepared because you will be given that test again & if you fail now it is all your own responsibility. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. . . Peace Out People!

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